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Stop 6 - Government Buildings
    Natural History Museum - Merrion Square West

The Museum is currently closed for renovations due to a stairwell collapse on the 5th July 2007 and will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Housed between Government Buildings and the Oireachtas (House of Parliament) on Merrion Street, this Museum has an extensive collection of animals from all ages.

Open Tues. to Sun. - Admission Free.

    Leinster House
Leinster house was originally known as Kildare House after James Fitzgerald, the Earl of Kildare, who commissioned it to be built between 1745-47. James Fitzgerald set out to create the stateliest of Dublin Georgian Mansions to reflect his eminent position in Irish society. It is told that the Earl had said that fashion would follow in whatever direction he led. In succeeding, he caused an unfashionable area of the city to become a desirable one. On becoming the Duke of Leinster in 1776 (Dublin and Kildare are in the province of Leinster) the house was renamed Leinster House.

Open daily - Admission Free.
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