Irish Whiskey Museum - Tickets and Tours

Irish Whiskey Museum - What Can I Expect?

  • Learn the complete and unbiased history of Irish whiskey
  • Discover what is unique about the Irish Whiskey distilling process
  • Tast a variety of Irish Whiskey
  • Hear all about the history of Irish whiskey


Entrance Hall to Irish Whiskey Museum

Listen, learn and laugh during guided tours of the Irish Whiskey Museum. Located in the heart of the city centre, overlookin Trinity College, the Irish Whiskey Museum has four different rooms, all of which are themed to represent a different period in Irish history. Finish the tour by becoming a true whiskey connoisseur with an interactive tasting of three or four different Irish whiskeys.


The Irish Whiskey Museum is independent of whiskey distilleries, which means that when you visit the museum, you will have the opportunity to taste and experience a wide selection of Irish Whiskey. Whether it’s single grain, malt, pot still or a blended whiskey, the museum’s whiskey experts will always be able to help you find the perfect whiskey to suit your palate.


Paddle of whiskey glasses at the Irish Whiskey Museum

The Irish Whiskey Museum offers a choice of two great tours. Both last about an hour

Classic Tour

Learn the background of Irish whiskey on a 45 minute history tour taking you through the eras of the Irish Whiskey Industry and a 15 minute tutored tasting of three Irish Whiskeys from different distilleries.

Premium Tour

Enjoy a 45 minute history tour taking you through the eras of the Irish Whiskey Industry. This is followed by a 15 minute tutored tasting of Irish Whiskeys various distilleries, as well as a sample aged whiskey, matured for a minimum of 10 years and receive a unique souvenir.

Where is The Irish Whiskey Museum?

The museum is located at 119 Grafton Street.

Exhibition at Irish Whiskey Museum

Irish Whiskey Museum - Classic Tour

A 1hr experience inclusive of a fully guided tour + 3 perfectly crafted Irish whiskey tastings. Soft drink included for children and non drinking adults.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Classic Tour €22

Irish Whiskey Museum - Premium Tour

The Classic Tour with an additional fourth beautifully aged Irish whiskey and a unique souvenir whiskey glass.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Premium Tour €25