Ticket Rules

Ticket Rules

All ticket(s) issued are subject to the bye-laws regulations and conditions contained in the publications and notices of Dublin Bus. Purchase of a ticket is deemed to imply acceptance of these conditions.


Ticke(s) issued by Dublin Bus are not transferable.


Ticket(s) must be retained for inspection, and must be produced for inspection on request of any authorised official of Dublin Bus.


All ticket(s) are valid for travel as per details printed on the ticket(s) at time of issue. Passengers are obliged to ensure that these details are correct in respect of their intended tour.


Seats booked must be claimed at least 15 minutes prior to departure.


Ticket(s) which are valid for services of other companies, are in addition subject to the conditions of the respective companies concerned. Such ticket(s) are issued by Dublin Bus agents for such other companies and Dublin Bus and/or it's staff are not liable in the event of any failure by other companies to operate as advertised.


The child price outlined on our website applies only to children u14yrs who are accompanying parents/guardians, subject to a maximum of four children per booking. (For numbers over and above - adult rates will apply)